Never Again, Jews Only?

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This quote came from a blogger in Israel who is popular with the right-wing. Sometimes we agree, especially on issues of domestic violence, sometime we don’t. When she added this quote to her criticism of a friend who is founding a Jewish/Chrisitian political party, she got me going.

>>>There were a handful of us, students in Great Neck North, who went to the Free Soviet Jewry demonstrations of SSSJ, rather than demonstrating for “negro” civil rights, the Biaferans or against the Vietnam War. The war that ignited us was the Six Days War and the liberation of our Jewish Historical Lands.<<< These are not mutually exclusive protests, and I took part in SSSJ AND protesting the Vietnam War AND supporting the Biafrans AND being a Zionist--and other causes, too. Including civil rights and Women's Liberation. Was my husband--a son of Holocaust Survivors and a draftee in Vietnam--not worth a protest to save his life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans who were there to fight a war that was created to prop up the dollar against the pound sterling? Are Biafrans less than human? And were the "Negroes" supposed to remain slaves forever without civil rights? What are the lessons we pull out of what the Nazis and their collaborators did to the Jews? That only Jews count? Did you know that a huge number of those that survived the Holocaust survived because a non-Jew, somewhere along the line, helped them, even if infinitesmally? Where did you learn that only Jews matter and that human decency doesn't go beyond the Jews? At least you admit publicly that you have no moral compass. So let me bring this to a different level. How many Holocaust survivors did YOU allow your government to murder this week with their neglect? Did you know the Israeli government, from 1948 on, stole the victims' money and land? Did you know the majority of Israelis have a culture that denigrates Holocaust survivors and sees them as a black mark on Jewish history? Did you know the consensus is that they need to die as quickly as possible and not be a drain on the Israeli economy? Did you know that your compatriots still call the survivors Sabon and Sabonit (cakes of soap)? That the surviving orphans were slaves in the Kibbutzim and cannon fodder as soon as they got off the boats that brought them to the Holy Land? That many girls were raped, that many orphans were robbed and killed? Thanks to the new disclosures, and the current government's behavior (too little too late) and the apathy of the Israelis for the people who are responsible for creating a State of Israel in the first place, I find it hard to be a Zionist, but not a Jew. Without Holocaust money, Israel would still be nothing but a pile of sand and swamps. But then, aren't solopsistic Israelis following in the footsteps of history? Isn't patently clear to those who choose not to twist the words in the Torah. ...where mothers kill sons and husbands, husbands kill mothers and sons and daughters, there's child sacrifice and incest, murder for sex, we have it all--that our ancestors set a bad example? But they also knew repentance. We Jews do good things too, but why don't other people matter? What happens to the "little people?" There is only lip service for Akiva's dictum: Love your neighbor for s/he is like you. Are we all children of Adam and Eve? Do we share the same DNA or not? Why do many Israelis silently agree to the killing of a few survivors each week? Why is the government permitted to withold their meds, starve them and let them boil or freeze? Why does the Israeli government keep what they stole from the survivors' parents? Then, if Holocaust survivors count for nothing in Israel, what happens to innocent Palestinians who are caught in the middle of a war they really didn't want? Why does the Israeli government cater to extremists? The moderate innocent and the Arab Christians are now caught between Hamas, Fatah, Israel, Sunnis, Shiites, extremists of all sorts. They are treated like the garbage of the universe. Are they by your lights, as expendable as the Holocaust survivors? Less? More? How much can each group be exploited? Why stop the exploitation of those who are politically expendable? If you think black people are expendable, that Asians in dire straits are expendable, that the boys who died in Vietnam were expendable, and that everyone who is dying in Mess-o-Potamia (Iraq) is expendable, and that Holocaust survivors are a drain on the Israeli economy, why shouldn't your friend hook up with folks who think Jews are expendable? What makes you think Jews are the only people who need to survive? Thanks to comments like yours, we Jews are especially expendable.

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  1. Ariel Sokolovsky
    Oct 29, 2007 @ 21:25:13

    I agree with you.
    We must care about every human being.
    It part of our obligation to compel all nations to observe 7 Noahide Laws.
    The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that a Jew who is capable of doing so should make sure 7 Noahide Laws are observed even in a country that has no Jewish population.
    Part of the 7 Noahide Law are prohibitions on murder robbery theft , immorality , an obligation to set up and maintain a justice system to enforce these laws.

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